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What to Carry on a Gorilla Trek in Congo

What to Carry on a Gorilla Trek in Congo


A gorilla permit is very key for every visitor on gorilla safari to have but what or how you pack equally matters a lot when it comes to gorilla trekking. You don’t need to come with all that you have in the house but very few items are needed for this adventure and they include

Hiking Boots

For a successful gorilla trek in Virunga National Park, waterproof hiking boots should be a must in your packing list. Given the dense forest, altitude and steep terrain, you are advised to have light weight and waterproof Hiking Boots to help you hike easily. Your boots should also provide ankle support, traction, stability and balance while in search for these wild creatures in their natural habitat.

Garden gloves

In order to help your hands get protected as you trek through the forest, you need gardening gloves. Given the kind of habitat where these creatures live, you to expect rains at any time and the ground can become slippery. Therefore when it rains higher chances are you need support and in that way you might grab itching plant species, trees or climb trees and you get harmed.

When it comes to clothing, consider long trousers, sleeved shirts, light rain jacket and hat a must and they should have neutral colors. Long sleeved shirts are basic to protect you from nettles, branches, thorns and any scratch on your body. During the trek, tourists tuck into the socks to safe guard themselves from fire ants. Don’t come with short sleeved shirts because they can expose your body to several risks during the trek. For women, they can also get cotton undergarments like bras to keep them comfortable during the hike. More still, get a hat to protect your head from sun or rain.

Note that short sleeved shirts or tops can expose you to all kinds of scratches and injuries, insect bites and likely infections. As well never forget to include the rain jacket or poncho on the daypack this will help you especially when it starts raining. Remember you will be trekking in rain forest and there is likelihood of it falling in the course of the day. Expect rains any time despite of the season, dry or wet!

Walking sticks

The walking sticks are not designed for fighting the mountain gorillas but to help you move through the challenging terrains during the trek. You can grab one carved ornamental sticks and even take it home for a memory to show that you had an hour of magical experience with the majestic primates of Uganda or Rwanda.


It is hard to predict the length of gorilla trekking but in normal cases, it can take you from 4 to 8 hours that is why you need to be physically fit to hike the terrains for that long. We encourage you to come with energy giving snacks to supplement your energy. Even before you set off make sure you have lunch packed in your bag and equally, you also need adequate drinking water.

Cameras and extra batteries

When you think of this adventure, a good camera should be a must to help you capture as many photographs as possible. It disappoints when your camera runs short of power during the 1 hour encounter the only moment every one yearns for. As well, do not carry cameras that have flash and if they do make sure you have switched the flash off to avoid irritating the gorillas.

Insect repellent

Treks to see mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park take you through the dense rain forest and this means that, you will encounter biting insects and that is why you also need to include insect repellent especially the good DEET product for gorilla trek. Or, get RID and you can purchase one online, it is made in Australia. All these are intended to curb the flies that might cause harm to your body.

Waterproof Daypack

A good daypack is a very important item for gorilla trekking which will enable you to pack the basic things that you will come with. Camera equipment should be wrapped in plastic bags so that they are protected, first aid kit with band aids, insect repellent.