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What to Pack for Nyiragongo Hike

What to Pack for Nyiragongo Hike

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What you pack for Nyiragongo Volcano hike does matter a lot and anyone planning a hiking tour to this scenic volcano, there are several essential items to consider. Not everything should be carried for Nyiragongo Volcano Hike but your packing list should comprise of gear like.

Waterproof hiking boots

Nyiragongo Volcano hike involves hiking through the trails to the summits of Mount Nyiragongo. Given the nature of this adventure, hikers require good and comfortable hiking boots to help when hiking to the scenic summits of this beautiful volcano. your hiking boots should offer support to your ankles, grip when hiking the fact that the trails are steep.


A day pack is an essential item any hiker on hiking tour should have to make hiking adventures in Nyiragongo Volcano memorable. Your day pack should be waterproof and they are essential in that you can carry important documents.


When choosing which clothes to wear on hike to Mount Nyiragongo, consider warm layers and preferably waterproof just in case it rains. Because you are not supposed to pack heavily, you may consider hiking pants, long sleeved shirts which can easily dry in case it rains. Cotton material may not help that much when it comes to Nyiragongo Volcano hike. To be on safer side, don’t forget a rain jacket because rains in this part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are not predictable.

Gardening gloves

Gardening gloves are some of the essential items every hiker on hiking tour to Mount Nyiragongo should have. Nyiragongo Volcano hike entirely involves hiking through trails and on the way, there are stones which may hurt you when trekking. Gardening gloves are essential in that they help protect your hands.

Head gear

Head gear is very key especially for hikers who are planning a Congo hiking tour to Nyiragongo Volcano during the dry season. Not to be heat by scorching sun shine, please get a good and wide brimmed sun hat.

Bottled drinking water

Nyiragongo hike is entirely trekking through Nyiragongo Volcano and because the adventure requires some level of physical wellness, you need to have adequate drinking water and some energy giving snacks. This is to keep you energized.


A camera is one important gear you need to capture pictures, take a video of the bubbling Lava Lake for your memories. However, you need a camera with a good battery or come with extra battery in case the first runs out of power.

Head lamp

You need a head lamp to use because there is no light at the summits of Nyiragongo Volcano or electricity at Nyiragongo Summit Shelters.

Sun glasses

Sun glasses are essential for hikers who plan to trek through Nyiragongo Volcano. They help protect your eyes from sun rays, dust and also strong winds.

First aid kit

First aid kit is good to have while on a hike to the summit of Nyiragongo Volcano. Your first aid kit should contain bandages, anti-malaria tablets and many others.

Insect repellent

Insect repellents are of good use the fact that they help protect you from biting insects, mosquitoes. Preferably, you need DEET is the best.

Other items to consider on your packing list for Nyiragongo Volcano hike include mosquito nets, sun screen, valid passport, visa and other essential documents.