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Community Benefits Revealed by Rwanda Development Board

Community Benefits Revealed by Rwanda Development Board


Whether you donate money or time, giving back is beneficial not just for the recipients but to the entire nation. Rwanda communities celebrate the values of giving back in many ways like sanitation, Education, healthy and conservation. The Rwanda development board through its national park neighboring community giving back initiatives open a seven new modern classroom at Kanyove primary school on 19th August that got many incredible praises from parents, students and local leaders. None other than the tourism revenue scheme funded the project making the Rwanda locals feel more important and valued as the country continues to conserve the natural heritage.

It’s beyond no doubt that Rwanda is the most incredible mountain gorilla tracking destination in Africa. Many primate lovers chose Rwanda ever year as the best convenient Africa destination for See Mountain gorillas within the shortest period of time and busy ones consider the one day Rwanda trek as their favorite. The trip starts very early in Kigali city  to volcanoes national park and end in Kigali on very day with a drop off at Kigali airport or hotel of residence. You should start thinking about  booking a Rwanda gorilla tracking tour and also give back to the Rwanda community through you day’s gorilla trek. Remember every gorilla permit sold by the park management a certain percentage is given to the local community and the other retained for more conservation and primate’s well being.

Among the people who praised the giveback initiative of the Rwanda development board is a local citizen Eversiste Hakizimana who grew up in the area and also studied in the school before transformation. She said having schooled at Kanyove primary from 2007- 2010 the she left for secondary level education 19th will always be a date to remember   since her children in the coming generation will at least have better education facilities than what she had due to Rwanda heritage. In her words she said “During our days,” he told Travel News Rwanda, “The only thing we could be proud of was that we had a roof over our head to study, but all the classes were derelict and the floors were so dusty that many of us reported ill at alarming levels. But things have changed now.”

The people of the area also said that their most pressing need of the community was constructing modern class rooms that their children can go in and be able to compete with other counterparts from other parts of the country indeed something they have today. Still the locals feel happy to see their community school Kanyove primary change to modernity along waited moment for all the people of Nyabihu district. The school is accessed by road from Kigali city on Kigali-Gisenyi highway in a 10km distance from Musanze town. Off the main road the scenic drive goes on for one hour ending at the school entrance.

Pupils trek from their homes every day in search of Education and pupils enjoy the trek because at the end they will achieve their future goals. EriqMasengesho a pupil at the school described the hardships and daily issues they had to address before the school rehabilitation. “Watching our toilets has always been our biggest problem because we fetch water from the river located in a three kilometer distance from the school, we do it because sanitation is life despite the distance” he said. He also added that “The classroom floors were not cemented. When we failed to pour there water, many of us would complain of different illnesses and sanitation was also not up to standard. But thanks to the water tank and the new toilets, we can now go to school and concentrate on our studies without experiencing the problems we had before,” he says. However, the story of this little boy reminds me to give back to others and would high recommend everyone to always give some to others that impact a life of not only today but forever.

In Rwanda giving back is seen in many different aspects, donating to charities, supporting a particular community or simply going on a Rwanda gorilla safari.