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Kwita Izina Gala Raise Funds for Rwanda Conservation Projects

Kwita Izina Gala Raise Funds for Rwanda Conservation Projects


Nature lovers, conservationists and well wishers who showed up for the Kwita Izina Gala at the iconic Kigali Convention Centre on the 26th of August 2016 raised funds for three special Rwanda conservation projects. The projects in question include a community Eco-Lodge on the outskirts of Akagera National Park, Imisambi Sanctuary for Grey Crowned Cranes and Mountain Gorilla Skeletal Project. The lunch impressive event open for all to attend was aimed at uniting all people of different categories as one and also bring out the contribution aspect.

Organizers of this event and projects say their main focus was creating awareness among the young generation as well as making communities to become self reliant since the different conservation projects cut across several Rwanda‘s Biodiversity. Whoever attended the gala had an opportunity to have his /her name fixed into the noble cause. As it is in history, Kwita izina celebrations are ever exciting and memorable bringing together global authorities in different aspects of conservation and nature across the world. High profile personalities and media also attended in person since conservation and tourism is one of their major concerns.

Tour experts and tour operators across Africa also couldn’t miss a great chance to celebrate the prime attraction conservation effort in Rwanda in Musanze district that kicked off quite earlier with a conservation exhibition and gala. Also among the event guests where tourists to the country on Rwanda safaris through Kigali and volcanoes National park the famous land of mountain gorillas. This event doesn’t only front Rwanda in Africa but all other Africa beautiful destinations where tourists find peace, fun and joy during their Africa holidays.

After all the opening celebrations, the naming of the 22 baby mountain gorillas started in Musanze near volcanoes National park. The naming was spear headed by the theme ““United in driving economic growth through conservation.”. The great turn up for the celebration confirmed the strong love and care the world has for conservation and wildlife. One of the tourism conservationists also pointed out that there also a great cultural aspect in Rwanda on addition to amazing gorilla tracking experience in volcanoes national park. Also added that Kwita Izina is a uniquely Rwandan flagship event that celebrates the country’s outstanding conservation efforts not only within Rwanda but worldwide.

However, if local people and tourists never valued the endangered species through endless conservation support, today there would be nothing to celebrate in Rwanda. Though many attended the baby naming ceremony, the primatologist here Dian Fossey shall always be remembered for the life commitment and hard work she rendered to save the lives of mountain gorillas. Above all gorillas are beautiful, humble animals that are incredibly different from other primates but can be meet if habituated.

Visiting Rwanda to see mountain gorillas is a grand adventure   cherished by many people and travelers who respect and love nature once given the opportunity. Rwanda has a lot to offer beyond mountain gorillas including genocide excursions, volcano hikes, golden monkey trek, chimpanzees, waterfalls etc.  Imagine a green nature forest full of unique wildlife and attractions in the remote part and region in Africa that is the land of mountain gorillas in Rwanda.