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New Twin Baby Gorillas Born in Virunga National Park

New Twin Baby Gorillas Born in Virunga National Park


Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the entire tourism sector   and Conservationists have been overfilled by joy as the Virunga National Park welcomes twin baby gorillas. While game rangers where carrying out inspections in the tropical rain forest of the Virunga National Park, they spotted an adult female gorilla from the Nyakamwe gorilla family group holding her newly born twin babies.

Due to the fact that primate national parks and savannah national parks were at standstill, the game rangers and game guides continued inspecting the national parks to protect mountain gorillas and other wildlife species in not only in Rwanda but also in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.  Gato the female gorilla mother of the new twins and the other new birth rates that were recorded on 21st September resulted into a total population of 16 individuals in Nyakamwe gorilla Family. However on 23rd August, 2020 a new gorilla birth was recorded in the Mapuwa group and on 2nd July, 2020, Baraka gorilla group also recorded a newborn baby gorilla.

The new gorilla births not only excited the park authorities but also other conservation stakeholders as well as tourists. Due to the fact that coronavirus broke up, not only was virunga national park suspended but also mgahinga national park, Bwindi Impenetrable national park in Uganda and volcano national park in Rwanda. The Virunga National Park inhabits 8 gorilla family groups and these are Nyakamwe, Munyaga gorilla family, Mapuwa group, Rugendo, Bageni, Kabirizi gorilla family and Lulengo gorilla family.