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Recommended Walks & Hikes in Rwanda & DR Congo

Recommended Walks & Hikes in Rwanda & DR Congo


There is nothing awesome and adventurous like the Rwanda and Congo forest walks and hikes in rolling hills, mountains and volcanoes. Spectacular views make the day more colourful and lovely as you experience the world wonders in Africa. Great & leisure hikers enjoy their stay as they walk through the green lovely forests and also challenge their fitness on the mountains and hills. With thousands of kilometres of hills, bamboo and rain forest, walking options are available to suit all levels of fitness and experience. Take on our best forest walk tour to volcanoes, Virunga or Nyungwe national park for a few hours or a day or plan a grand hike to Rwanda’s mountains of Bisoke and Karisimbi and complete by hiking the live volcanoes of Nyirangongo and Nyinamulagira.

Rwanda safaris with great Walks showcase some of the country’s most famous locations and diverse rain forest visited by most tourists Rwanda for a holiday. The 2 kilometer Canopy walks in Nyungwe forest view point is 2500meters high above sea level and tourists get a chance to challenge their fear for two good hours ending with a walk back to the starting area. Other forest walking trails available bare names of common tree species found in the trail like the Umuyove meaning the Mahogany tree , Igishigishigi meaning trees of ferns. To make the forest walks more exciting the park management   made it appoint to mark all trails with locally made steps for easy movements of visitors as they explore the forest.

During the Rwanda forest walk, guests can have bush breakfast   which is prepared upon request a nice meal which show you the wild beauty that you have always missed. If lucky you can Enough you may see golden monkeys,gorillas and other primates as you explore the forest but birds are a must. However, pretty hike showcase the famous live volcanoes of Congo & Rwanda’s mountain of Bisoke and Karisimbi. All hikes start in the morning and can be done within duration of 1-2 days with a night up in the mountains to capture great moments of the Africa safari. Porters are a must since Some times the steep hilly slopes are   wet and slippery that you may need to hire a porter to support you all the way. Tourists normally hike between 3-5 hours depending on the level of fitness ascending to the top and 2-3 hours to descend to the ground.

All visitors are recommended to carry walking sticks, enough drinking water and good charged Cameras to capture great moments of the hike. Hikers to the live volcanoes are mostly referred to as the heavenly hikes due to its unique dazzling magma on top of the   volcanoes   and the beautiful lava lake which flow actively from originating from the top. Hikers keep it quick and low as generally planed with a walking stick and a n English speaking   guide who help in grabbing the hike treasures and you struggle to get to the top. All region hikes and walks aren’t short but scenic weather for   pleasure or fun but all helps tourists to discover the hidden gems of the region. The Mountains& hills come in many shapes and sizes, but beautiful making Rwanda & Congo rewarding exceptional countries for hikes and walks.You free to walk or hike independently in either Rwanda or congo.Simply book a hiking or walking safari with a trusted expert and see it happen.Don’t know why hikes tourists love to take on Rwanda gorilla safaris some thing you can also try out.